Grandma Needle is under attack by a horde of stuffed creations. Luckily she has her magic thread to protect her!


MovementTo thread and kill enemies.

Grandma Needle is equipped with a magical sewing needle to handle her foes. Pierce your enemies while holding the left mouse button down. Thread your enemies together by looping the thread and releasing the left mouse button.

Additional Notes

This game was made in a week for the 2021 College Game Jam. The theme of the game jam was Connection.  Special thank you to Julie and Patrick for hosting this awesome event!

The Team

Andy - Art
Edward - Programming
Thomas - Programming
Joon - Sound Design and Soundtrack
Rafa - Programming
Caitlyn - Additional Art


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Kinda brutal, ngl.

This is a really neat concept, I love the idea. Furiously swirling the mouse around to trap all the stuffed creations not only felt cool but tested my reflexes and quick planning. I was very confused at first because I didn't read the tutorial. I figured out how to thread only by accident. In terms of difficulty, I thought the dog was spawned to often and I was frequently getting overwhelmed. This was especially the case when dogs where coming to me in different directions. At that point, I couldn't move my mouse around that fast and precise to defend myself. Aside from those things that I think could be improved, I enjoyed the game :)